Faculty: Technical Faculty

State code: 6531EX024

Study Area: Engineering Sciences

Study field: Electronics Engineering

The Scope of the Study Programme: 180 credits

Duration of Studies: Full-time - 3 years

About the Program

The aims of the study program Automotive Electronics System are: to train qualified electronics engineering specialists in the transport sector, providing them with the knowledge, abilities and skills needed to professionally maintain, diagnose, repair, design and install automotive electronics systems that are constantly being improved and are widely used in the global market, to create and manage companies providing services mentioned above in the Republic of Lithuania and other countries.

Future Prospects

After the studies the graduates will be able to work as an automobile electronics systems specialist in various vehicle repair companies, as a designer in automobile electronics systems design and manufacturing companies, as a specialist in automobile electronics systems for vehicle and component trade organizations, as an automobile electronics system specialist in vehicle equipment sales and maintenance companies, manage his/her own business.

Qualification Degree to be awarded: Professional Bachelor of Engineering Sciences

Learning outcomes

Upon graduation the students will be able: to professionally design automobile electronics systems; to install, maintain and repair automobile electronics systems; to manage the companies providing these services; to plan the activities of a company (division) and analyze the results of the activities of a company (division); to solve engineering tasks, create models for solving these tasks and analyze their characteristics; to evaluate engineering solutions from ethical, social, economic and safety aspects; to organize and perform diagnostics, maintenance and elimination of faults in automobile electrical and electronics systems based on the knowledge of electromechanics, electrical, electronics and automation devices structure, their operating principles and parameter setting; to select devices for automobile electronics systems and their characteristics; to diagnose failures of automobile electrical and electronics systems, determine their causes, select and use modern diagnostic and measuring devices for troubleshooting; to combine and regulate the indicators of electronics control equipment, the main technical parameters of automobiles, performance characteristics, calculate the main technical parameters of automobile units; to apply the principles of internal and external diagnostics of comfort and safety systems; to analyze and evaluate the types of alternative energy storage sources, technologies and characteristics of their use and perform the necessary technical and economic calculations; to perform harmonization and regulation of electronics systems; to find power supply failures, their causes, select measuring devices, analyze structural and principal schemes; to know electrical and electronics circuits, their operating principles and selection of work models; to know the specifics of adjacent engineering fields, which will help to assess the problems of electronics engineering from a broader perspective; to participate in teamwork, communicate effectively and responsibly.


The prerequisites for admission are the secondary education (high school, other equivalent) diploma and intermediate language skills.

Application form for admission and additional required documents have to be submitted before May 15th, 2023, by e-mail to our coordinator of full-time foreign applications: admission@vtdko.lt 

Please note that we organize only one intake per academic year (in September).