Civil Engineering

Faculty: Civil Engineering Faculty
State Code: 653H21004
Study Area: Technological Sciences
Study Field: Civil Engineering
Study Mode: Full-time
The Scope of the Study Programme: 180 credits
Duration of Studies: Full-time - 3 years

About the programme

The aims of the study programme Civil Engineering are: to educate the specialist of structural engineering, who is able to plan his/her activities, organize and technically supervise the performed works of construction and work in the competitive labour market; to train a specialist having creative thinking, able to work in a team and make individual decisions, responsible for the results of his/her activities, striving to develop in his/her professional area. After the graduation the qualification degree of professional bachelor in structural engineering is awarded.

Future prospects

After the studies the graduates will be able to work in state or private enterprises, operating in construction sector as leaders of manufacturing units. They will be able to work as engineers, designers, managers, to create their own business and to proceed with further professional education.

Qualification Degree to be awarded: Professional Bachelor in Structural Engineering

Learning outcomes

Upon graduation the students will be able: to apply knowledge and skills of fundamental sciences in professional activities; to collect and analyse data, process data, demonstrate and apply in solving professional activity problems; to analyse and adapt constructional decisions, prepare constructional part of building designs; to analyse and apply technological processes of construction; to plan and organise the course of construction ensuring the qualitative performance of work, human and environmental safety; to evaluate engineering decisions in ethical, social, economic and safety approach; to deepen knowledge individually, to work individually and in a team, to understand the responsibility for the results of professional activity.


The prerequisites for admission are the secondary education (high school, other equivalent) diploma and intermediate language skills.

Application form for admission and additional required documents have to be submitted before May 15th, 2023, by e-mail to our coordinator of full-time foreign applications: 

Please note that we organize only one intake per academic year (in September).