Prevention of corruption

The objective of the ACD for the prevention of corruption is to make the College's activities transparent. Prevention of corruption means the identification and elimination of the causes, conditions and conditions of corruption through the design and implementation of a system of appropriate measures, as well as the impact on individuals to deter them from committing offences of a corrupt nature. If you are aware of any possible signs of corruption at the College or abuse of office, please report it:

  • email
  • call (8 5) 230 21 40
  • report in writing to Egle Intiene, responsible for corruption prevention, upon arrival at the College (Antakalnio g. 54, Vilnius)
  • report to the Special Investigation Service at

We guarantee the confidentiality of your personal information and will not disclose your personal data without the consent of the whistleblower (except in cases where the law provides that the data must be made public). Please note that you can also make an anonymous report without providing your personal and contact details. Reports, complaints or other information submitted will be dealt with in accordance with the procedures and deadlines laid down in the Law on Public Administration of the Republic of Lithuania. A person who has made a report of corruption may not be informed of the decisions taken if he/she does not provide his/her name, telephone number or e-mail address or any other address where a reply can be submitted. Prevention of Corruption Act.

Order No 1-165 of 31 December 2021 of the Director of the College of 31 December 2021 'On the approval of the list of posts (Director, Deputy Director, Head of Unit, Deputy Head of Unit) in respect of which a request for information on a person shall be submitted to the Lithuanian Special Investigation Service'.