Vilnius College of Technologies and Design has three faculties: the Design Faculty, the Technical Faculty and the Civil Engineering Faculty.

The facilities of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design consist of two campuses. To ensure the quality of studies, VTDK uses auditoriums, 30 laboratories, the TOYOTA technical training center, the rolling stock repair and maintenance center, the railway training ground and other specialized training premises.

The main campus is situated in the picturesque spot of Vilnius in the district of Antakalnis, on the bank of the river Neris. It hosts the faculty of Civil Engineering, the administrative premises, the canteen, the main library and the majority of dormitories. It is very easy to reach from there any part of the town due to its excellent position in terms of public transportation.

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Main campus, the Civil Engineering Faculty, Antakalnio St. 54

The second - Olandų campus shares the name of the street where it is situated (in English - the Dutch street). It has a beautiful historic building that has been renovated and filled with new equipment to better suit students’ needs. It is also situated in Antakalnis district (next to Kalnų park) and is 3 km from the main campus and 20 minutes walk from the Cathedral Square. It hosts the Design Faculty and the Technical Faculty, another large library and the canteen. There is a bus stop right next the building for an easy connection to the city and it’s a 5 minute walk to catch a bus if you want to go to the main campus.

Olandų campus, the Design Faculty and the Technical Faculty, Olandų St. 16