Vocational training

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Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VTDK) is the largest engineering college in Lithuania, which trains specialists for the transport, energy, construction, electrical and electronics and mechanical engineering sectors. The Vocational Training Department (formerly the Vilnius Railway Transport and Business Services School (VGTVPM)) will start operating on 1 September 2020 at the higher education institution, which fosters partnerships with business.

Currently, the College offers 15 vocational bachelor's degree programmes, which can be studied on a full-time or part-time basis, and 8 vocational training programmes, the duration of which varies depending on the level of education acquired.

VTDK is known in business and society for producing competent and adaptable professionals. As a result of the close and long-standing cooperation of the higher education institution with AB Lietuvos geležinkeliai, the largest transport company in Lithuania, as many as 17% of the company's employees are graduates of VTDK.

By working every day with the most modern equipment and learning about the latest technologies, the students of the Vocational Department of VTDK will acquire a profession that will give them the opportunity to successfully enter the labour market or to become a student of VTDK and pursue a higher education diploma.

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