Accommodation for VTDK students

Dormitory square

VTDK international students are accommodated in one of several VTDK dormitories, according to available places and the first-come-first-served principle. The price of a place in the dormitory for VTDK student is 100 – 150 €. That includes utilities and wireless Internet. The bedrooms have 2 or 3 beds each. There are two types of rooms available: for the room of 150 €, two connecting bedrooms share a bathroom, shower and kitchen with a fridge, oven, stove and microwave. There are 4–5 people sharing these facilities. For the room of 100 €, there is one block of showers and one big kitchen on each floor. 

All the rooms are furnished and have Internet connection. There are some dishes in the dormitory kitchens (pots, frying pens, spoons, cups, plates etc.). Also, the blankets, pillows and bed-sheets are provided, but you should bring your own towels.

If the student does not want to live in the dormitory, there are many rooms and flats available for rent in Vilnius, although you should expect to pay more for this kind of accommodation. The price of studio apartments range from around 300 € per month (for simple places outside city center). You have to know that winters in Lithuania might be pretty cold and the heating bills for those living in older houses may be high during the winter season (some websites for flat rent are the following:,, You may also look for possibilities to share a rented flat with other students. Another option would be to live in a hostel – we have a partner hostel near the Technical and Design Faculty campus (Filaretų St. 17):