International scientific-practical conference

 March 21st–22nd, 2023

The Purpose of the conference is to present the ideas and achievements of science, research and technological innovations, responding to the areas of transformation and possible initiatives identified in the European Green Course Compass and to discuss further trends in the development of technological innovations and design. Representatives of academic, research, state institutions and industrial companies, college researchers, teachers and students are invited to the discussion.

Conference Sections and Topics:

A. Mechatronics and Transport Engineering:

  • Advanced technical solutions;
  • Electrical and electronic engineering technologies;
  • Transport engineering technological solutions;
  • Traffic management and safety innovations.

B. Creative opportunities in Design and Media Arts:

  • Media art innovations;
  • New means of communication in graphic design;
  • Sustainable interior design solutions;
  • Synthesis possibilities of new technologies and art.

C. Transport Logistics:

  • Warehouse logistics;
  • Green logistics;
  • Sustainable supply chain;
  • Quality of logistics services;
  • Logistics development policy.

D. Construction Engineering:

  • Environmentally friendly construction;
  • Advanced solutions, innovations and challenges in construction engineering;
  • Building maintenance and regulations.

Conference dates:

Registration for participants till March 1st, 2023.

The first conference day and plenary session March 21st, 2023.

The second conference day and reports in sections March 22nd, 2023.

Conference languages: English, Lithuanian. The reports must correspond to the theme of conference. The duration of the report is up to 20 minutes.

Conference organising committee:

  • Dr. Vytenis Surblys, Chairman of the Automotive Electronics Systems Study Programme Committee;
  • Asta Bagdonavičienė, Head of the Media and Communications Centre;
  • Jurgita Ginavičienė, Head of the Department of Business and Public Management;
  • Dr. Marija Vaičienė, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering;
  • Veronika Žvirblė, Head of the Department of Design;
  • Petras Kaikaris, Head of the Department of Automotive Transport Engineering.

Conference scientific committee:

  • Assoc. dr. Grzegorz Przybyła, Technical University of Silesia, Poland;
  • Prof. dr. Magín Lapuerta Amigo, University of Castilla La Mancha, Spain;
  • Assoc. dr. Dalibor Barta, University of Žilina, Slovakia;
  • Assoc. dr. Saugirdas Pukalskas, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania;
  • Assoc. dr. Aurelijus Pitrėnas, Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Lithuania;
  • dr. Paulius Gaučas, Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Lithuania;
  • Jonas Malinauskas, Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Lithuania;
  • Dr. Laura Gudelytė Žilinskienė, Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, Lithuania;

The Chairman of committees – Dr. Donatas Kriaučiūnas, Vilnius College of Technologies and Design, lecturer.

Registration for the International Conference

Conference participation fee – 20 euros.

The participant fee is transferred to the Vilnius College of Technologies and Design account LT877300010074142865, AB Swedbank. Specify the purpose of payment: Conference participation fee Technological Innovations 2023.

Publication of conference papers :

Selected articles prepared on the topics of presentations will be published in the journal of scientific articles: TECHNOLOGIES AND ART. RESEARCH AND TOPICALITIES. The journal is placed in the INDEX COPERNICUS JOURNALS MASTER LIST database.

Requirements for publications: