Peer-review is organized by the Editorial Board of scientific journal “Technology and Art. Research and Topicalities”. All articles are submitted via e-mail

  1. The editor-in-chief of the scientific journal carries out a preliminary evaluation of the articles in accordance with the requirements of the scientific journal. Only pre-selected articles are submitted for peer-review. The article submitted for the scientific journal is reviewed by two peer-reviewers selected by the Editorial Board from the experts in the field of the author’s research. The journal uses double-blind peer-review (neither the authors nor the reviewers know the identity of each other) to avoid bias. The review takes up to three months from the date of submission of the article to the reviewer.
  2. After review and peer-reviewers’ remarks, the article may be returned to the author (s) for the revision. The revision of the article takes from two to six weeks beginning from the date of returning the article to the author (s). The revised article must be submitted via e-mail (corrections are marked in a different colour, reasoned feedback of the author (s) can be provided to the peer-reviewer in a separate document).
  3. The final decision on the publication of an article or the appointment of the additional reviewer is made by the editor-in-chief (the Editorial Board where the editor-in-chief submits the contradicting situations) taking into account the reviewer’s recommendations and the author’s (s’) corrections.

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