Authors' responsibilities include the following issues:

  1. Ensure that the manuscripts submitted are original and meet the journal requirements for articles.
  2. Ensure that the research papers are properly cited.
  3. Ensure that submitted manuscripts are free from plagiarism and non-ethical material.
  4. Ensure that conflicts of interests are avoided during the preparation of the article.

Peer-reviewer’s responsibilities include the following issues:

  1. Review articles objectively, professionally, honestly, impartially.
  2. Ensure confidentiality, do not discuss any presented information in the article without the publisher’s consent.
  3. Declare potential or alleged conflicts of interest.
  4. Provide a review with clear recommendations on article publication or rejection identifying the shortcomings or drawbacks that can be addressed when the article is proposed for submission.

Editorial board’s responsibilities include the following issues:

  1. Follow the principles of justice, honesty, integrity and impartiality in its activities.
  2. Ensure the confidentiality of author (s) and peer-reviewer (s).
  3. Objectively evaluate articles submitted for publication.
  4. Make decisions on the publication of the article based on the value of the article’s originality and relevance of the research.