Quality assurance

The European Quality Assurance Guidelines (EQAG) is a reference document for the European Higher Education Area, and the application of the EQAG in the internal quality assurance of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design is of great importance for several reasons: it helps to manage the quality of studies in a targeted manner, to check and update the operational processes; the EQAG is a natural part of the College's internal quality assurance system. In implementing the functioning of the quality management system, the College community is committed to:

  1. Ensure the targeted training of professionals who will implement technology and design innovations.
  2. Establishing a system for the development of teachers' competences.
  3. To optimise and operationalise the infrastructure to meet the needs of innovative studies.
  4. Update the content and didactics of study programmes to ensure the career prospects of graduates.
  5. Optimise the package of study and training programmes.
  6. Ensure the conditions for the academic and social development of students.
  7. Develop partnerships in applied research based on the needs of business and society.
  8. Communicate the results of scientific and innovative practical activities to society.
  9. Promote academic ethics and ensure equal opportunities.

Quality Manual

External Evaluation Progress Report 2017-2021