Research and Development

These are some of the fields that we would like to cooperate with your organization in the area of Research and Development:

Design Faculty

  • Development of Smart Furniture
  • Development of Intelligent Lighting Systems
  • Development of Interactive Games and Multimedia Design Objects

Technical Faculty

  • Energy and Ecological Efficiency of Using Alternative Fuel in Internal Combustion Engines
  • Experimental Research and Numerical Modelling on Automobile Dynamic Parameters
  • Improvement of Constructional and Electronic Control Parameters in a Sports Car Model „Student Formula“
  • Research on Electronic Rays for Treatment of Materials
  • Development of Active Mounting Systems in Photovoltaic Power Plants
  • Development of Three-phase Electric Engine Control Systems
  • Development of Impulse Welding Equipment
  • Research Models for Rolling-Stock Dynamics
  • Optimization of Rolling-Stock
  • Research and Development of Ballast-Free Track Structures

Civil Engineering Faculty

  • Research and Development in the Field of Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Development of Innovative Measures to Ensure Integrity in the Entire Supply Chain of an International Transport Corridor
  • Development of Smart Transport Systems