"Online pictionary for the EU car mechanics" 2020-2021

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Vilnius College of Technologies and Design Participates in Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project Online pictionary for the EU car mechanics, Project No 2020-1-LT01-KA202-077856.  

Implementation period:  2020-09-01 – 2021-12-31


Living in the era of digital technologies rapid development and taking over the traditional ways of teaching and learning the best approach for a modern VET school is to adapt quickly and create corresponding educational environment equipped with digital resources. This Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Innovation objective is to create an in depth and thorough Online picture dictionary for the EU car mechanics (Clipping: Car Mechanics' Pictionary). The Car Mechanics' Pictionary will contribute to car mechanics' skills upscaling and professional English language fluency fostering and will be reachable on a laptop, smartphone or any other digital device that is connected to the Internet.

The best approach to answer the professional and educational needs car mechanic is to equip them with digital tools to easen everyday work. A professional picture (photograph) dictionary - is one such tool. A Car Mechanics' Pictionary that will be created as a joint effort of the multinational team of European car mechanics teachers and professors will be clear, precise and giving a user an adequate answer to their search in the provided visualized database

The created Car Mechanics' Pictionary will contribute to open and distance learning as well, since it will not be limited to certain location or institutions. This feature of a material proves vital in many modern life situations and 2020 events with COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent distance learning is one such proof.The Car Mechanics' Pictionary will be used for purposes of learning, knowledge updating and verification both in the process of learning in VET, often in HE.

Project consortium:

  • Vilniaus automechanikos verslo mokykla, Lithuania (coordinating institution)
  • Vilniaus technologijų ir dizaino kolegija, Lithuania
  • Centros Integrados Formacion Professional SOMESO, Spain
  • Tartu Kutsehariduskesus, Estonia
  • Siegfried Marcus Berufsschule Kraftfahrzeugtechnik, Austria
  • Strokovni izobraževalni center Ljubljana, Slovenia

Why this Car Mechanics' Pictionary will be special:

Resource will be suitable for continuous learning of learners of all ages. The Online picture dictionary will contain photos of objects instead of animated version of them. This approach will be more practical, focused on hands-on work of car mechanics with diagnostics, changing car parts and repairing cars. Each vocabulary item will be supported by 1 or more photos depending on the practical need in every case. The Resource will have an enabled search engine by the term and by the letter of alphabet. The Car Mechanics' Pictionary will include such major content parts: Engine, Car Electronics, Transmission, Cassis, Brakes system + ABS, Tools for car mechanics, Hybrid and Electric cars specific terms and vocabulary, Car body types, Car interior, Car exterior, Automobile comfort. The whole capacity of the Online picture dictionary for EU car mechanics will be within the range of 7200 - 7800 vocabulary items - an unprecedented capacity of any Dictionary for car mechanics.

The international aspect of this Resource creation will provide extra value as it gives the outlook of various national experiences and the wider European context avoiding the risks of being too one nation specific. Online picture dictionary for the EU car mechanics will come into being through a number of face to face transnational meetings of creators' teams, discussions, continuous peer-reviewing and monitoring to achieve the highest standard of the educational-professional Material for wide public of Europeans in the Transport sector.

As a result of its quality and professionalism, Car Mechanic's Pictionary strives to become a must-have for every car mechanic in Europe.

Main content parts of the Car mechanics' pictionary:

  • Engine - Vilnius car mechanics and business school, Lithuania;
  • Car Electronics - Vilnius college of technology and design, Lithuania;
  • Transmission - Berufsschule für Kraftfahrzeugtechnik, Austria;
  • Cassis, Brakes system + ABS - Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional Someso, Spain;
  • Tools for car mechanics, Hybrid and Electric cars specific terms and vocabulary - Tartu Kutsehariduskeskus, Estonia;
  • Car body types, Car interior, Car exterior, Automobile comfort - Strokovni izobrazevalni center Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Project website: ABOUT THE PROJECT | Mechanicspictionary (wixsite.com)