Integrated development strategy

The European Green Deal policy, converging technologies, the ageing of the society and the need for qualification development, the unfavourable demographic situation, the increasing competition for students with domestic and foreign higher education institutions, the increased demands on the quality of studies - these are the main trends and challenges that the College faces today. In response to these changes and trends, we intend to implement various initiatives focused on green and digital transformation, on improving the quality of the services provided and on creating an organisational culture that strengthens the proactivity of the members of the College community.

The Vilnius College of Technologies and Design's Strategy for 2022-2027, prepared by the Working Group and discussed with the College community, presents the College's mission, vision, values and strategic development directions, with strategic objectives and evaluation indicators.

This strategy is addressed to all stakeholders - the College community, social partners, and public authorities. The strategy expresses our ambition to create maximum added value for students, public and private sector social partners and the general public.

We will be guided by this strategy in our activities in order to achieve the vision of the College.

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design Operational Strategy 2022-2027

Integrated development strategy 2011-2021