Vilnius College of Technologies and Design includes:

  • 3 educational buildings (educational buildings at Antakalnio St. 54, Olandų St. 16 and Islandijos St. 3).
  • 5 dormitories (Antakalnio St. 52, Antakalnio St. 56, P. Vileišio St. 20, V. Grybo St. 39, Statybininkų St. 3).

In order to ensure the quality of studies, the College uses the following facilities to implement the study process:

  • classrooms;
  • 30 laboratories;
  • TOYOTA Technical Training Centre;
  • a Rolling Stock Repair and Operation Centre;
  • a railway training ground;
  • other specialised facilities for practical training.

Faculty of Civil Engineering (Antakalnio St. 54)

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Faculty od Design and Faculty of Technologies building (Olandu St. 16)

Olandu rumai

VTDK Vocational training building (Islandijos St. 3)