Automotive electronics systems

Country code: 6531EX024
Field of study: Electronic Engineering
Study forms and duration: Full-time studies - 3 years, Part-time studies - 4 years

I will learn:

  • professional design of automotive electronic systems;
  • install, maintain and repair automotive electronic systems;
  • manage companies providing these services;
  • plan the activities of a company/unit and analyse the performance of the company/unit.
  • Solve engineering problems, develop models for solving these problems and analyse their characteristics;
  • Evaluate engineering solutions from an ethical, social, economic and safety perspective;
  • organise and carry out diagnostics, maintenance and troubleshooting of automotive electrical and electronic systems, based on knowledge of electromechanics, the
  • structure of electrical, electronic and automation devices, the principles of their operation, and the determination of their parameters;
  • select devices and their characteristics for automotive electronic systems;
  • diagnose faults in automotive electrical and electronic systems, determine their causes, and select and use modern diagnostic and measuring instruments for troubleshooting;
  • tuning and adjusting electronic control equipment indicators, basic technical parameters and performance of vehicles, calculating basic technical parameters of automotive units;
  • apply the principles of internal and external diagnostics of comfort and safety systems;
  • analyse and evaluate the types of alternative energy storage sources, their application technologies, characteristics and perform the necessary technical and economic calculations;
  • carrying out tuning and adjustment work on electronic systems;
  • troubleshoot power supply faults and their causes, select measuring instruments, analyse structural and principle diagrams;
  • and knowledge of electrical and electronic circuits, their principles of operation and selection of working models;
  • the specificities of related engineering disciplines to enable a broader approach to electronic engineering problems;
  • participate in teamwork and communicate effectively and responsibly.

I will be working in:

  • automobile Electronics Systems Specialist in a variety of vehicle repair facilities;
  • as a designer in automotive electronics systems design and manufacturing companies;
  • automobile electronics systems specialist in vehicle and component sales organisations;
  • automobile electronics systems specialist in vehicle equipment sales and service companies;
  • as a manager in your own business

Study programme