Graphic design

Study group: Arts
Field of study: Design
National code: 6531PX008
Study form and duration: Full-time studies - 3 years
Specialization: Website design; Publication design and illustration; Packaging design

I will learn:

  • design publications, packaging, websites and corporate identity;
  • prepare for production and publication;
  • the variety of publishing and visual communication tools, their specificities and possibilities;
  • specific professional terminology and areas of graphic design activity;
  • sketching, illustrating and expressing ideas and conveying information messages graphically;
  • collect relevant information from a variety of information sources;
  • define the design location and target application, the tools and technologies required, and the occupational safety requirements;
  • carry out research and apply the results to develop a concept for a graphic design project and put it into practice;
  • present the final result of his/her or his/her team's work;
  • organise the technical preparation of graphic design work for production;
  • anticipate the possibilities of developing the project, taking into account realisation, financing and legal issues;
  • communicate with clients and business partners at home and abroad and work as part of a team;
  • basic concepts of entrepreneurship, market economy knowledge, legal and professional ethics;
  • independently develop professional knowledge, taking an interest in innovation and the latest trends in graphic design

I will work:

  • graphic design professionals in publishing houses, advertising agencies and companies;
  • graphic design professionals in newspapers and magazines;
  • as a sole trader, business licence or contract writer.

Full-time study programme