Multimedia design

Study group: Arts
Field of study: Media arts
State code: 6531PX011
Study form and duration: Full-time studies - 3 years
Specialisation of study programmes: Animation; Audiovisual editing directing.

I will learn:

  • practical implementation of a creative multimedia project developed by myself or others, working both individually and in a team;
  • analyse and evaluate media stories and aesthetic forms;
  • to use foreign languages in my professional practice;
  • apply techniques, technologies and safety standards in the media industry in a targeted manner;
  • carry out research and apply its results;
  • conceptualise, plan and organise a multimedia project;
  • put into practice the idea of a multimedia work using all text, video, audio elements;
  • knowledge of entrepreneurship, market economy, professional ethics;
  • work in a team and present the result of your team's work;
  • to independently deepen my knowledge and reflect on the study process.

I will work:

  • multimedia design specialist in advertising;
  • multimedia design specialists for film, television;
  • multimedia design specialist for computer games;
  • media artists and participants in film festivals and competitions.
  • in the framework of individual activity, business license or author's contract.

Full-time study programme