Technology of Photografy

Study group: Arts
Field of Study: Media Arts
State code: 6531PX010
Study form and duration: Full-time studies - 3 years

I will learn:

  • different epochs and contemporary cultural context;
  • appreciate the context and trends in the business of photography;
  • and understand the legal framework and principles of photographic management, and be able to apply them to creative and professional projects;
  • collect and analyse data to solve creative problems in a targeted way, drawing on traditional and contemporary art practice and applied research;
  • to apply professionally the capabilities of photographic and filming equipment and lighting techniques;
  • the specifics of photojournalism;
  • create applied photography for advertising and graphic design;
  • apply information technologies in the field of contemporary digital photography;
  • professionally apply the principles of artistic creativity in the work process;
  • work in a team;
  • demonstrate communication skills in spoken and written form, in national and foreign languages;
  • express his/her creative position using an appropriate professional vocabulary;
  • objectively record events using a variety of photographic techniques.

I will work:

  • photographer in media, advertising;
  • as a photographer in publishing companies, digital laboratories and other areas related to image production and output;
  • as a freelancer, with a business licence or copyright contract.

Full-time study programme