Transport logistics

National code: 6531LX036
Field of study: Business
Study forms and duration: Full-time studies - 3 years, Part-time studies - 4 years

I will learn:

  • manage freight and passenger transport processes with quality assurance and control;
  • manage supply, purchasing and sales, warehousing, distribution processes;
  • manage logistics information flows using information technology;
  • planning the transport technological process;
  • assess, plan and organise logistics activities in a modern business environment;
  • ensure the quality of transport activities;
  • act independently and creatively in changing business conditions;
  • apply knowledge of economics, statistics, management and business organisation, and regulatory legislation in transport/logistics professional activities;
  • independently develop their knowledge in their professional activities.

I will work:

  • transport, logistics manager, transport service agent, freight forwarder in transport, logistics, transport logistics forwarding companies;
  • setting up and developing my own transport business.
Full-time study programme
Extended study programme