The first such event after quarantine: VTDK invited to liberate the creativity

On Wenesday evening the music sounded and people keeping a safe distance could spend time in artistic activities near the Šilas bridge. For the first time, the event "Evening Light with VTDK" took place here, during which the society could reveal or try themselves in four activities: drawing by light, luminaires and monotypes workshops also painting.

piešimas šviesaPhoto taken while drawing with the light / "Feel the Light" photo

On July 1, Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VTDK) invited the society to commemorate the beginning of the second month of summer in a cozy evening light. There the popular music were played, was no lack of laughter and warm moments.

"We managed to create what we have aimed – a cozy evening atmosphere. We wanted members of the society at least for the short time to escape their worries, to give in to the flow of art and to come together for joint activities. Of course, one of the goals was to draw the students' attention to the study programs in the field of art: they are not only interesting, but also promising," – says one of the organizers Rasita Kunikauskaitė, a public relations specialist at VTDK.

Monotipijų gamybaProduction of monotypes / Photo by J. Rozovskij

During the event, participants were able to participate in four activities. They were fascinated by drawing with light to create impressive photographs, painting the quarantine puzzle, making chandeliers from household items and creating monotypes.

 TapymasPainting of the puzzle "Quarantine" / Photo by J. Rozovskij

viestuvaiThe moment of creating decorative lamps / Photo by A. Aleknaviciene