Graduate R. Maciulis: "VTDK is like a home"

Although studies are associated with the education, the acquired profession, and the basis of a successful career, graduates often begin to identify higher education with feelings, familiar faces and memories. The same happened to Rokas Maciulis, "Mart Pro's" head of the projects, Vilnius College of Technologies and Design‘s (VTDK) Transport Logistics studies alumni. "VTDK is like a home," – he says.

MaciulisVTDK alumni Rokas Maciulis / Photo from personal archive

R. Mačiulis, who graduated from college almost five years ago, got a job as a logist immediately after his studies, because after completing his final internship, he received an invitation to stay in the company. In his current workplace - "Mart Pro" - R. Maciulis holds the position of head of the projects. "My last position has led me to break away from the field of the transport, but that's not a bad thing, because I want to try myself in an another field and gain a new knowledge and skills," – the college graduate said.

According to R. Maciulis, his work as a logist revolved around the organization of transport: planning and re-planning. The goal of the graduate was to deliver the company's cargo - manufactured furniture - all over the world. The documentation, the location of truck maintenance, the profitability reporting, the financial assurance and the compliance with the plan were also important.

The current workplace of the graduate is responsible for working with public institutions, focusing on the development and production of exhibition and museum concepts. While comparing the work in the field of transport and as a head of the projects, P. Maciulis notices that they are united by the planning and reorganization aspects. "The logist has to plan and re-plan transportation all the time due to certain, let's say, discrepancies. This process is quite similar in the project management, just I only plan the production, the delivery and the installation of products, not transportation. Here it is important to manage the project and ensure that the furniture reaches the customer on time, in a suitable, high-quality manner and at an appropriate price," – says the Transport Logistics Alumni.

darbo dienaA moment from Rokas Mačiulis' working day / Photo from the personal archive

P. Maciulis also remember three years spent at the college. According to him, at the time he studied, that years seemed very frustrating due to the abundance of information, yet now the opinion has changed: "it was probably the best years of the life. And most of all, this attitude is determined by the fact that during my studies I felt like the one of a hundred, united by a common goal. In studies everyone learns the same thing, everyone knows what they want and purposefully goes towards it. When you have like-minded people around, you feel very own in that place.

In general, the VTDK is like a home. If anyone asks where to study, I would recommend this college, because here we have gain a lot of knowledge about a logistics, a transport, and the teachers are great – they are specialists in their fields."

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