President of the Construction Association D. Gedvilas: engineers will work creative job

The labor market is constantly changing and the construction sector is not an exception. The developing industry, digitization, innovation, robotics, social networks create the need to work creative, health-friendly and future-oriented job. Dalius Gedvilas, President of the Lithuanian Construction Association, talks about the demand for the construction sector and specialists.

DaliusGedvilasPresident of the Lithuanian Construction Association Dalius Gedvilas / Photo by the Lithuanian Construction Association

What is the market of the construction sector today?

The labor market in the construction sector is changing rapidly and is on the path of progress. The construction culture in Lithuania is constantly improving and growing, and the builders themselves today are modern, professional and perform high-quality work.

Exports of the Lithuanian construction sector have been growing rapidly over the last decade, so today we have a number of Lithuanian companies that build more and more objects abroad every year. In order for companies in the construction sector and their employees to gain confidence in foreign markets, a large proportion of those working in construction must have extremely high competencies. Therefore, construction now requires a person not only who knows its technology, the variety of building materials, but also one who is able to flexibly adapt to change, use digital technologies and smart tools, and communicate in more than one language.

statybvietėObject construction site / Photo by Lithuanian Construction Association

Today it is no longer enough for builders to have a good knowledge and ability to perform one function on a construction site. Now builders need to have special knowledge and skills to use digital tools in the construction process. Workers are required not only to be able to build, but also to do it quickly, professionally and with high quality, which is why construction companies are increasingly investing in the development of employees' competencies.

People no longer want to work physical hard jobs where a lot of dust and pollution are. Today people are looking for creative work that provides pleasure and does not harm their health. Therefore, the construction market is also transforming. Companies inevitably need to implement innovative technologies so that the person who comes to construction does not feel enslaved but  would work creatively.

Why it is worth to study at Vilnius College of Technologies and Design?

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