R. Jurkevičius, the head of the department of a millionth company, named how to become successful

Becoming in demand in the job market is not an easy task, however, possible. According to Rokas Jurkevičius, the head of the Video Department of "Bored Panda", hiring is guaranteed by a career portfolio, not a motivation letter. The Media Design Alumni of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VTDK) not only told about his career, but also gave advice on how to climb the stairs up of a successful career.

Rokas Jurkevicius / Photo from personal archive

If you've recently noticed videos on "Facebook" showing how to make life easier for yourself with household items, how animals go through quarantine or other witty content, chances are it was the work of an internationally acclaimed Lithuanian company, that gains the profit of millions. In 10 years, "Bored Panda" has paved the way for millions audience, and their Video Department and "Crafty Panda" project are headed by VTDK graduate R. Jurkevičius.

What does your working day look like in your current workplace? What are you working on?

The working day is different from certain periods or stages in which projects are and, of course, from the day of the week. We are currently in a period of strong growth, so we have to spend a lot of time in meetings to make plans for the future. We are also currently developing another "Youtube" channel, so a lot of preparation is going on: from creating a logo, building a team to selecting actors and preparing the premises for future filming. We are also setting up new studios, so I have to inspect and evaluate potentially suitable premises, and once they have been approved, I participate in the studio plan implementation process.

What would you say to people who still can‘t find a suitable job or are hesitant about their chosen profession?

For those who don‘t find a suitable job, I advise you to fill in your career portfolio, engage in various, even unpaid, projects, expand your opportunities, use the practical tasks of the college, because there will be little time to "create" when you will start working. I’ve reviewed over a thousand work applications and I can only say one thing: a motivation letter won’t help if you can’t show real projects. After all, you naturally choose the candidate who has something to show, not the one who only expresses a desire to do something. In my opinion, if the desire is high, the worksheet should reflect that. You can come up with any project at home, for example, how to advertise the packet of milk in the fridge: write a script for it and film it.

filmavimo studija minFilming studio / Photo from personal arcive

Let's remember the study times: what has VTDK given you?

Studies at VTDK has provided a very good foundation for growth. Although my goal was to learn how to create quality videos, the basics of drawing, composition, and color science that we were studying in first year, gave me a lot value. There were also many practical tasks that needed to be done alone and with group members. In my eyes, practical tasks are rehearsals that simulate a work environment: you receive an order (task), the defined time interval are given, a team is formed, a task is performed, and then a presentation takes place to a client (teacher) who evaluates you.

In college, I also met great working and studying people.

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