The library became an object of attraction - a festive brain battle took place

On Thursday evening, in the library of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VTDK), not the pages of books were swept, but the laughter of students and lecturers was heard. "Battles of Minds" took place here for the first time, attracting those who wanted to exercise the bend of the brains.

ProtmūšisMoment of "Battles of Minds" / Photo by M. Gediminaite

On December 5, members of the VTDK academic community competed in a battle, where they divided into teams of 2-4 people and tried to outdo others with their knowledge. According to senior bibliographer Agnė Naujokaitė, this event attracted about 30 participants and at least as many other people contributed to the organization of "Battles of Minds".

Although the library was festively decorated, the cozy atmosphere was spiced up by the competition - the participants knew how the points were distributed and who was leading after each answer to the question. Also, returning to the concept of sustainability developed by VTDK, the organizers did not use paper sheets to provide answers, but smart technologies - participants answered the questions by joining the app for smartphones.