K. Ašvicė, who has gained worldwide award by the final work of the college: it is a great motivation

The thesis requires a lot of student effort and time, but it usually pays off. For some the professional bachelor’s thesis is associated not only with completed studies but also with other achievements. Kristina Asvice, a graduate of Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VTDK), has won a bronze award in the "A’Design Award and Competition".

Kristina Asvice / Photo by R. Kubilius

"In my opinion, participating in competitions is an exciting thing. For me evaluations means that I’m moving in the right direction. It is a great motivation to deepen a knowledge, skills further and continue the creation work. In addition, it was a real honor for me to represent the college, because with the help of the teachers I have made the good project, with whom it was possible to participate in the competition", – says the award winner.

Post Herbum pakuote minAward-winning design by Kristina Asvice "Post Herbum Packaging"/ Photo by K. Ašvicė

Asked how the idea for this design "Post Herbum Packaging" was born, K. Asvice states that she turned to Lithuanian culture and traditions. Whole herbs by their purity and fragility inspired to create a unique packaging for them. The main aim was to create an attractive and convenient package for whole herbs grown in Lithuania.

"The main design of the box is made by using eco-friendly double-sided brown paper, the color and material of which perfectly match the goal of environmentally friendly packaging. Die cut of the boxes was invented in a such way that the boxes are folded in a simple way, without gluing or fixing parts. Sleeves are also folded without gluing. Design includes the solution of such tasks as usability, functionality and environmental friendliness, " – VTDK alumni reveals the specifics of the packaging.

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